[VIDEO] Training A 10-Weeks-Old Pomeranian

video Pomeranian puppy trained to walk near owner

For safety, it is good for a tiny Pomeranian to walk next to a owner instead of in front.  Although the Pomeranian in this video is only 10-weeks-old, the owner has already begun the training.   Notice how the Pom is walking either beside or behind the trainer.  And notice how the trainer’s feet are seldom lifted.  Because a Pom is so tiny, and they like to follow us or get between our legs when we walk, some people recommend that we shuffle (not lifting our feet when we walk) until a Pom has learned not to walk in front of us,.  This way, we won’t accidentally step on them.

It’s also good to train them not to walk between our legs when we are moving for the same reason.  And this is also a reason why Pomeranians are better suited for family of adults or older children who know how to watch out for a tiny dog such as a Pom.  There are several tips to better care for our Pomeranians, according to Yvonne Ward on Pets The Nest.

How to take care of a Pomeranian

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One of them is food.  It would be easy to assume that a tiny dog does not need much food.  Poms have an unusually high metabolism, so they need to eat often.  Leave a fresh bowl of dry dog food for them each morning, and keep it filled during the day.  By the time they are 6-months-old, they need to eat 2 or 3 times a day.  This continues for the rest of their lives.

Do consult your vet on the ideal weight for your Pomeranian, and keep them close to that weight.  That tiny body is not meant to carry excess weight.  Yvonne also writes that since Pomeranians tend to lose their adult teeth earlier, it’s a good practice to brush their teeth with a dog toothbrush and dog toothpaste everyday.  Also, giving her a dog treat that’s designed for healthy teeth and gum would help.   You can read more tips of caring for your Pomeranian here.  Enjoy watching this 10-weeks-old Pomeranian already being trained.

Article source:  Yvonne Ward on Pets The Nest


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