[VIDEO] Cat Licking Her Puppy Friend

video of a cat lovingly licking her puppy friend

Now, isn’t THAT a beautiful sight?!!  The cat in this video is lovingly licking her puppy friend.   She is 10-months-old.  The Labrador puppy is 2-months-old.   They must be very good friends to be sharing a bed.

Why do cats lick us?

It looks as if the puppy is waiting for the cat to settle in, then roll over to let her cat friend groom her.  The cat is so fond of this puppy that she acts like a mama cleaning up her kittens.   And the puppy is completely relaxed while she’s doing this.  Some families luck out in having cats and dogs who accept each other as harmoniously as the two in this video.  Others may need to put effort into creating that trust between their pets.  Cats lick us for various reasons, writes Valerie Trumps in PetMD.

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One of the reason is they remember this is how their mothers nurture them.  You are accepted as their family member.  This is how they know how to best nurture you and claim you as theirs. Another reason for licking is this is how to “mark” you as theirs. You are covered with their scent–what cats to do their kittens.  Licking is a bonding gesture.

Another interpretation of licking is this is cats’ version of petting you.  Cats perceive petting and licking as affection.  If they can’t pet you, they lick you to show how fond they are of you.  Sometimes excessive licking is a sign of something else.  A cat could have been weaned too early, or abandoned, so licking is a good way for them to find the soothing comfort of nursing.  Also, sometimes when a cat is feeling anxious, they lick compulsively.  What would help to alleviate their stress is to soothe them with more attention and cuddling.  You can read more about this topic here.   Enjoy watching this nurturing video.

Article source:  Valerie Trumps on PetMD


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