[VIDEO] A Happy 3-Legged Puppy Named Ollie

video 3 legged dog succeeds in jumping

This video is the triumph of Ollie.  Well, one of them.   One of the unique qualities about Ollie is that he was born with e legs.  When his parents heard about his different physical ability, they met him.  And when they did, they knew Ollie must come home with them.  There is just something invincible about Ollie’s spirit.

And what you see in this video is just one demonstration of that great spirit.  Ollie’s parents brought him home when he was 8-weeks-old.  The backdoor has a step that’s higher than usual.  His parents have been encouraging Ollie to get in and out of the back door for a few weeks.  This height felt intimidating to Ollie for a few days.   But just for a few days.

Inspiring story of a 3-legged dog

The video’s photo says Day 4.   That’s the day he made a run for it!    The song that accompanies the video is the perfect selection!   It’s about triumph of the spirit.  And I am quite sure the viewers will cheer for Ollie as he crossed that finish line.

Calming bed to calm dogs when travelling or in new home
Calming bed to calm dogs when travelling or in new home

Ollie’s parents took him everywhere.  To Home Depot, to swimming, to every activity you can imagine.  A dog with all four legs may not have this much exposure to activities of all kinds.  Since this video was posted on the internet, Ollie’s followers instantly increased dramatically.  His parents made a Facebook page for Ollie.  Here is a link to that page.  When you get there, there is a video of Ollie’s father narrating his life with Ollie.

The inspiration that this little one gave to the world reaches far and wide.  They have travelled 10 hours to a campus because of a request to meet Ollie.  This uplifter helped to soothe many students before their mid-term exam.  Even though Ollie has left earth less than a year ago, the mark that he made on us remains in our hearts.

You go, Ollie!  Enjoy watching his success in this video.


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