[VIDEO] Watch Yorkie Misa Minnie Grow

video watch Yorkie Misa Minnie first year

This is a special video that captures the growth of Yorkie Misa Minnie in her first year.   This time lapse lets us see the color change in Misa’s beautiful coat, and how her face matures over time.   The name Misa means “beautiful sand” in Japanese.

If you’ve been following Doggie Outpost, you’ve already seen a few videos of Misa showing us the many tricks she knows.   Her repertoire is really quite astonishing.   Her mom decides to take one photo a day since Misa came home at 12 weeks, so at the end of the year, she can see the change in Misa over the course of her first year.

The story of Misa Minnie the therapy dog

Calming bed for dogs—new home or travelling
Calming bed for dogs—new home or travelling

Misa Minnie the therapy dog

Besides learning many tricks, Misa is also a therapy dog in California.  She visits children and adult patients in hospitals and hospices, and entertains them with her large repertoire of tricks.  Because Misa is so famous on the internet, her Mom uses that fame to raise funds to help rescue dogs.

Using positive reinforcement to teach dog tricks

Misa is home “schooled” in learning her many tricks.  Her mom uses positive reinforcement in Misa’s learning process.   In other Misa’s videos on Doggie Outpost, you can see Misa’s mom saying the action words such as “sit pretty”, “close the door”, “body check”, “pray”.  When Misa does it right, her mom praises her profusely.  And she also gives Misa a treat.  That’s positive reinforcement.

Some of the tricks Misa knows how to do

Some other tricks Misa knows how to do is push a shopping cart (her size), bring a tissue to her mom when she hears sneezing, take the used tissue to a waste basket, knock down a pyramid of paper cups.  Misa has other siblings (not biological) around her own size that play with her when she’s not working as therapy dog or learning new tricks.  Enjoy watching this very smart Yorkie and what she already knows how to do at such a young age.

If you like this video, here is another one of Misa Minnie the Yorkie.

Image source:  via AnimalMascota


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