[VIDEO] Yorkie Misa Minnie Doing Tricks


This post has been updated on July 22, 2023.

Remember Misa Minnie, the talented Yorkie?  Even though she is no longer with us, it’s wonderful to watch what she was able to do.

The story of Misa Minnie helping charities

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Also, it is nice to have soft furniture in the house when puppies are running around.  The ottoman is far enough away from the sofa that it actually creates a track for the puppies to chase each other.  Good for indoor exercise on rainy days.

Yorkie Misa Minnie raised money for rescue dogs

Modern Dog Magazine interviews Misa’s mom, Cess Mancilla, about how Misa Minnie’s fame has helped raised money for rescue dogs.  They use Misa’s birthday to have a big drive to collect toys, blankets, and treats for Friends of Orange County Homeless Pets, Yorkie And Friends Rescues, and Irvine Animal Shelter.

Cess shares some words of wisdom with her interviewer.  She suggests that we be the person that our dog thinks we are.  That perhaps like our dogs, we live with abandon too.  Misa Minnie is also a therapy dog.  She visits hospitals and hospices to bring smiles to many.  You can read more about the wonderful work that Misa and Cess do for rescue dogs here.  Enjoy watching Misa Minnie having fun with her Yorkie friends.

If you like Misa Minnie’s videos, here is another one of Misa Minnie doing more tricks.

Article source:  Modern Dog Magazine



  1. Candace Reply

    That’s great to Know! God bless Cess and little Misa! 🙂

  2. Candace Reply

    That’s great to Know! God bless Cess and little Misa! 🙂

  3. Misas Advocate Reply

    The owner has a dog called PebblesTheCEO now on Instagram….we believe Misa crossed the rainbow bridge safely

  4. Colleen riczu Reply

    I remember her and her bulldog brother from fb. Where are they now?

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