[VIDEO] Mountain Bernese Gently Plays With Rescue Puppy


The Mountain Bernese in this video is gently playing with a rescue puppy.  The Bernese is Elger.  The puppy is Gryffin, a 4-weeks-old puppy who is part Staffordshire Terrier and part English Bulldog.  The little one has absolutely no fear of a giant dog, and approaches Elger from every direction.

Elger indulges Gryffin’s desire to play, and is very soft-mouthed in his play.  Elger is completely fascinated with the little pup.  Even when Gryffin lost interest in playing with him, Elger turns his head in the direction of Gryffin to keep an eye on him.  Gryffin is lucky to join a family who already has a Mountain Bernese.  Mountain Bernese get along with other pets, and they are patient  with children climbing all over them, which is pretty much what’s happening here with puppy Gryffin.

What are Mountain Bernese like?

Bernese are affectionate, easy-going, and sweet, according to PetWave.  And they have the energy to play for a long time, as we see in this video.  Mountain Bernese is not an apartment dog.  They really do need a yard to run around.

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Even though they like naps, they really need a lot of activities.  Bernese is a winter dog.  They love to play in the snow.  Hot summers are uncomfortable with their long coat.  You might take them for walks in the evenings when the weather is hot.

Bernese are polite to strangers.  And they believe that size should not determine whether they belong on your lap or not.  Remember, this is an affectionate dog.

It is a good idea to socialize a Mountain Bernese as early as possible because they can be shy around new people.  Exposing them to a variety of situations and new faces help them feel more comfortable.

You can read more about Mountain Bernese here.  Enjoy watching this gentle Mountain Bernese gently playing with a rescue puppy.

Article source:  Pet Wave


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