[VIDEO] PitBull Dad Playing With His Puppy

video PitBull dad playing with his puppy

The PitBull dad in this video is playing lovingly with his puppy son.  He see that his son wants to play.  So he happily entertains the little guy for the afternoon.  More people are actively educating others about PitBulls, and this friendly dog is becoming more popular once again as a companion pet, shares Pet Md.  Their love of people actually makes them a good candidate as therapy dog.

Characteristics of a PitBull

So, what a PitBulls like?  They are playful, and are very affectionate with children.  That’s why they are also known as the “nanny dog.”  They have a strong desire to please people.  They are not naturally aggressive toward people.  It would be a good idea to socialize them as early as possible so that they are comfortable around other dogs.  PitBulls have a prey drive, so when you take them for a walk, they need to be on a leash.  Otherwise, if they see something chase-worthy, off they go.

Dental Chews for Dogs
Dental Chews for Dogs

PitBull’s loves to cuddle with you.  Even after they have reached their adult size, which can be up to 85 pounds, they continue to believe themselves to be lap dogs.  Isn’t that endearing?  Even though they will announce a visitor, they are not guard dog in the least.  In fact, new owners of PitBulls worry that their dogs are too friendly to be any kind of good watch dog.  They are too eager to greet people.   Even though they don’t make a good guard dog, when it comes to their beloved family, they will protect them courageously, even protecting their family with their life. PitBulls need to be exercised for about an hour a day.  They are athletes and are active dogs.  You can walk them, play with them, or exercise them during this time.  They do need this exercise.  You can read more about PitBulls here.  Enjoy watching this sweet moment between father and son.

If you enjoy watching this video, here is another one of PitBulls loving babies.

Article source:  Pet Md


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