[VIDEO] Bernese Mountain Dogs With Children

video Bernese Mountain dogs playing with children

What a lovely video of Bernese Mountain dogs playing with children in the snow!    Look at the smile on the children’s face.   And the adults’ face too!   How affectionate the puppies are.   Even though they are quite large, nobody in this video seem to feel intimidated.   And the dogs really do not mind playing in the cold.   In fact, they like colder weather!

I have met a Bernie around this age, and it is an absolutely delightful experience interacting with a joyful Mountain Bernese.  The gentle soulful eyes, sharp puppy teeth ready to pull on your hair… just a magical experience.  I can only imagine the happiness that these puppies bring the family.

Characteristics of Mountain Bernese dogs

Mountain Bernese dogs are gentle and polite, according to Michele Welton in Your Pure Bred Puppy.  What makes them happy?  Pulling a sled with children behind them in cold weather.  Just look at that coat!   These are winter dogs.  They would rather not be in hot climate.  It is possible for them to be shy, but exposing them when they are puppies to a variety of people, situations, different sights and sounds would help them become well-rounded adults.

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Mountain Bernese do respond to training.  It may take more time, however.  Training them with kindness, encouraging them, and praising them go a long way.  It’s possible that the Ayurvedic interpretation of body types apply to dogs as well.  The Kapha body type (as the Mountain Bernese have) may take longer to learn.  But once they learn, they know it well.  If you are thinking about a Mt. Bernese for your home, know that they do shed, and they do take up a lot of space.  You can read more about Mountain Bernese here.  Enjoy being delighted by these bouncy Mountain Bernese puppies.

If you enjoy this video, here is another Bernese Mountain dog video for you!

Article source:  Michele Welton in Your Pure Bred Puppy


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