[VIDEO] Bernese Mountain Puppy Getting Mom’s Attention

video Bernese mountain puppy playing

The Bernese Mountain puppy in this video keeps pulling on Mom’s shirt.   This puppy behavior continues longer for this breed than other breeds.  So they remain puppy-like for perhaps even the first 3 to 4 years.  It takes longer for this breed to mature.

During their puppy years, they are highly active, more rambunctious, and mouthy.  They may nip or bite in play, harmless, but may be scary for a young child.  On the other hand, matching a young child and an active puppy can be a good match in energy level.  Be sure YOU have the energy for an extended period of puppyhood if you are thinking about getting a Bernese Mountain Dog.

Characteristics of a Bernese Mountain dog

Dental Chews for Dogs
Dental Chews for Dogs

According to Vetstreet, when they are properly socialized, they are calm and patient.  And because their origin is a working dog, they are confident too.  He is a good watch dog, and not aggressive. His personality traits actually make him a good candidate for a therapy dog.  His temperament meets the qualification, and he is just the right height to stand next to a hospital bed to be petted.

Because of their origin as working dog, Mountain Bernese can be a bit cautious.  If not socialized, they can border on being shy, or suspicious of anything that feels different to them.  They are sensitive to noise, especially shrill cries.  So socialize them as early as possible to unusual sounds, sights, people.

If you are getting one from a breeder, make sure it is a breeder socialize them well before letting you take them home.  Even after you bring one home, keep socializing them.  Take them to dog friendly businesses.  Enroll them in puppy kindergarten.  When they are adults, they can weigh from 70 to 120 pounds, even more.  So train them while they are still a smaller, manageable size.  You can learn more about Mountain Bernese here.  If you enjoy this video, you might also like this one.

Article source:  Vetstreet


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