[VIDEO] Well-Mannered Pitbull Waiting For Ice Cream

video well mannered pitbull waiting in line

This is a video of a very well-mannered Pitbull.  He actually stands in line politely!  His mom is walking to the ice cream truck to buy him a cone.  There is another customer in line.  This polite dog actually waits behind the customer for his turn.  And when it was his mom’s turn to buy the ice cream, he did not crowd her.  He waits patiently.  And when she’s ready to feed him the ice cream, it takes all but 2 bites!

Over the years, there has been bad press on Pit Bulls.   According to PetWave, here’s the truth about their temperament.  A well bred Pit Bull living with a loving and caring family is very loyal, very loving, and somewhat of a clown.

What is the personality of Pit Bulls?

What a PitBulls like?  They just love being with people. They love being with their family more than anything. They want to go with you for a ride, join in the family picnic, or just take a stroll around the block with you. They just want to be included in family activities.

When they are raised with love and care, they can be sweethearts. Some Pit Bull owners describe them as babies in a dog’s body. They make excellent companions. And they are also wonderful if you have an active lifestyle.

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Pit Bulls are happiest when they are active. A long walk, a short run will take care of their daily activity. In fact, it is highly recommended that they get their daily exercise, or they can express their energy in other ways.

Condo or apartment living is not the best scenario for this rowdy and rambunctious dog. Start training a Pit Bull early. Be calm and assertive in your training. They do not respond to harsh tones or discipline. Keep your training sessions short. If they become uninterested, not even treats could hold their attention. Just keep it short and sweet.

Start training them when they are puppies to socialize with all kids. They love the children in their own family. They are protective of their family because they are very loyal. They need to be taught early on that ALL children are welcome in the house.  Enjoy watching this very well-mannered dog.

If you like this video, here’s another one of a PitBull dad playing with his son.

Article source:  PetWave


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