[VIDEO] PitBulls Loving Babies

video PitBull dogs adoring babies

The PitBulls in this video are so good with babies.  Just look at how relaxed the babies are with them.   Look at those smiles.  This is no surprise because the Pit Bulls were known as the “nanny dog”.  Robin Rock, who has rescued thousands of Pit Bulls, writes an article in PetFinder specifically about Pit Bulls.

She writes that Pit Bulls are relatively healthy.  Dogs of any breed can inherit genetic issues.  But Robin hasn’t seen too many Pit Bulls who are affected.  Pit Bulls don’t need much grooming, although they love to be brushed.  And they don’t need to be bathed that often.  They don’t have a smell.

What are Pit Bulls like?

As far as grooming goes, Pit Bulls are low maintenance.  Another trait about Pit Bulls is that they are very eager to please their human.  They crave our attention.  They want our approval.  They’ll do anything to please their favorite person.

Dog Bowl designed to slow down fast eaters
Dog Bowl designed to slow down fast eaters

Pit Bull is a very social dog.  If you have a Pit Bull in your home, you have made a friend for life. He is loyal.  He loves his family and enjoys being a part of it.  He is affectionate with adults and with children.  (As with all dogs, teach children how to approach and respect dogs.)

Actually, this dog is so friendly toward people that he would not make a good guard dog.  However, if someone threatens his family, he will step in to protect his loved ones.  A Pit Bull is happiest when he is with us.  And he loves to cuddle, and hug, and petted.  This dog thinks he is a lap dog, however big he gets.   Because of this side of them, and because they are so trainable, they make a good therapy dog.  You can read more about Pit Bulls here.  Enjoy these puppies!

If you enjoy watching this video, here is another one of a PitBull waiting in line for ice cream!

Article source:  Robin Rock in Pet Finder.


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