[VIDEO] Bernese Mountain Dogs

video Bernese mountain puppies

What a fun video filled with Bernese Mountain puppies!  This breed can be easy going, as you can see in this video.    But just because they are easy-going doesn’t mean they like to just hang around and do nothing.  On the contrary, this is a very active dog, according to Michele Welton on Your Pure Bred Puppy.

This Alpine dog loves to exercise, especially in the winter.  You don’t need to worry about them getting cold.  That thick hair is born to be out in the cold.  They love to romp around in the snow.   And they would love it even more if there are children around.  Let him pull the sleds or carts with the children.  That’s great exercise for him.   Given that the thick coat of his does well in winter, it means Bernese Mountain is not a dog that would do well in hot climate.

Characteristics of  Bernese Mountain dogs

Dog bowl to slow down fast eaters
Dog bowl to slow down fast eaters

Good with children

Bernese Mountain dogs tend to have a sweet and affectionate nature.   They are very gentle with children, and get along with the whole family.  They do tend to become more attached to one human.

Response to strangers

Bernese Mountain dogs respond differently to strangers.  Some can be friendly; some aloof.   They could be excessively shy.   But you can help them by socializing them as a puppy.   You can do this by exposing them to a variety of people and dogs.   Encourage them to mingle, and praise them when they do.   Let them feel comfortable in all kinds of environment.


Bernies have a double coat.  And they do shed, especially during the shedding season.   If you brush them at least once a week, it will help to remove loose hair and keep them looking great.

Exercise needs

To stay healthy and happy, Bernese Mountain dogs need about half an hour of moderate exercise every day.  They enjoy outdoor activities.  If you like hiking or camping, bring your Bernie with you.  They can do really well in sports such as agility, herding, rally, obedience, and tracking.

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Article source:  Michele Welton on Your Pure Bred Puppy


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