[VIDEO] Dogs Socializing At The Dog Park

video dogs socializing at the dog park

The dogs in this video are happily socializing with each other at the dog park.  You might have seen videos of dogs getting very excited once they find out their owners are pulling the car into the dog park parking lot.  It’s a place where they can run leash free.   For dogs who love to run but have only a small yard or no yard at home, this is a wonderful outlet for them!

What are the benefits of dog parks?

In some dog parks, there are separate sections for small dogs, medium size dogs, and large dogs to keep the little ones safe, and for the large dogs to run freely without having to worry about stepping on the little one.  An article in Pets WebMd shares the benefits and the downside of taking your dogs to the dog park.  In this post, I’ll share only the benefits.  Feel free to read the complete article for more information.

According to Pets WebMd, some benefits of taking our dogs to the dog park is that they get the mental and physical exercises they need.  If dogs weren’t living with humans, they’d be living a very active life.

Dogs need physical and mental exercises

Dog Bowl designed to slow down fast eaters
Dog Bowl designed to slow down fast eaters

Some dog breeds have worked alongside humans for many generations.  Today, most dogs living with humans lead a rather sedentary life, leading to health and sometimes behavioral issues because they get bored.  Dog parks also provide the avenue for them to play til they exhaust themselves.

Dog parks allow dogs to use their social skills

Another advantage of going to the dog park is that our dogs are practicing their social skills with many other dogs.  Dogs are very social people. Some enjoy being with other dogs a great deal.  And if they are the only dog at home, this is a wonderful opportunity for them.  Dog parks benefit pet parents too because they get to exercise their dogs without doing a thing.  This is also a good place to practice off-leash training, or enjoy their friends having a grand time.  You can read more about this topic here.  Enjoy watching these happy dogs having a ball at the dog park.

Article source:  Pets WebMD


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