[VIDEO] These 3-Weeks-Old Boston Terriers Are Starting To Interact


The 3-weeks-old Boston Terriers in this video are starting to interact with each other.  Even at this young age, the Boston’s big eyes are already prominent.  It’s a rare treat to find a video with such young Boston Terriers.  By the way, this breed was named after the city of Boston because they were developed there.

What are Boston Terriers like?

The Boston is one well-mannered dog.  When they are well socialized, they get along with EVERYBODY.  Grown-ups, children, other pets.  Everybody is their friend.  They are versatile in the sense that they will adapt to your lifestyle.  Actually Boston’s make great therapy dogs.  They are intelligent, alert, and gentle, according to Dog Breed Info.  They are sensitive to our tone of voice.

Will Boston Terriers do all right in an apartment?

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Boston’s need their physical and mental exercise, otherwise they can get a bit high strung or rambunctious.  They learn very quickly, so they are easy to train.  They are affectionate, and love being with their family.  Really good with children and the elderly.  And friendly with strangers.   Some bark when it’s necessary, but some don’t even bark at the door.  They usually get along with other pets who are not dogs.  Boston Terriers can do all right in apartments or in the country.  A long walk a day and play sessions would satisfy their exercise needs.  They are fairly inactive indoor.

How much grooming do Boston Terriers need?

Grooming Boston Terriers is an easy job.  Just wipe their face with a damp cloth and carefully clean their eyes daily.  Even though the Boston can entertain himself with his favorite toys, what this dog really needs is your companionship.  He is definitely a snuggler and a cuddler.

What kind of family is best suited for a Boston Terrier?

He is best suited for a family who wants his company.  And even though they love kids, and kids love them, it is important to teach children how to approach and respect dogs.  Even though some dogs are patient, no dog likes to be pulled and yanked.  You can read more about Boston Terriers here.  Enjoy watching these 3-weeks-old puppies.

Article source:  Dog Breed Info


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