[VIDEO] Watch This Puppy Doze Off In The Sweetest Way–CLICK image to watch video


Haven’t we done what this puppy is doing?

How to wake a dog when he’s sleeping

dog bowl designed to slow down fast eaters--helps prevent bloating
dog bowl designed to slow down fast eaters–helps prevent bloating

Some people recommend that when a dog is sleeping, do not wake them up.   They think that a dog may be startled if we touch them in their sleep and in a moment of instinctual self-preservation (as they would in the wild) act out of self-defense because they can’t see that it is their beloved family waking them up.  Perhaps this applies to individuals. And perhaps every relationship is different.  Some people have had experiences that sent them to the hospital.  And some have no problem at all.   If you want to be on the safe side, this is what you can do. If you want to wake your dog up from her sleep, call her name.  Let her wake up at a distance from you.   Others suggest throwing treats near their beds.  They’ll wake up to a treat, and they’ll see you at a distance.   Perhaps the point of these advisers is to not touch them while they are asleep, but wait til they awake to touch them.  Enjoy this sweet moment watching this lovely puppy doze off.


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