[VIDEO] Border Collie Puppy Already Learning Tricks

video Border Collie puppy learning tricks

She’s only been with her new family for a few days, and already this Border Collie puppy is learning tricks.  And quickly!  Her name is Zeva.  Mom starts basic training almost immediately. Look how quickly Zeva picks up new skills.  Notice how her mom uses only positive reinforcement, praising and rewarding with treats.

What are Border Collies like?

Just like this puppy, most Border Collies learn quickly.  So quickly that you need to keep thinking up new challenges for them, according to Dog Time. Collies have lots of energy, and likes to be busy.  It is a good idea to keep them busy, otherwise they get bored.  And when they get bored, they do things we would not want them to do, such as digging, barking, or chasing cars.

Bordie Collie’s herding nature

Dog bowl to slow down fast eaters
Dog bowl to slow down fast eaters

His origin is a herding dog, and is accustomed to gathering sheep.  Since we don’t have sheep for them to herd, they will herd children, other pets, even cars.

Socialize Border Collies when they are puppies

Collies are known for being sensitive to reading cues from the person that works with him.  He can even interpret a raised eye-brow!   But he needs to be socialized as a puppy, or he can become shy.  Puppy class, or exposing him to many different people, different sights, sounds, noise, situations, will help the Collie build confidence as he meets new things in the world.

Have a fenced yard for a Collie

It’s good to have a fenced yard for this smart dog who is not bright in one area–chasing cars.  This is a dog that requires a lot of mental and physical stimulation everyday because he is naturally energetic and bright.  A dog sports can be an alternative if you don’t have a ranch of sheep to keep your Collie busy.   You can read more about this breed here.  Enjoy watching Zeva learn her new skill very quickly.

Article source:  Dog Time


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