[VIDEO] 9-Weeks-Old Bulldog Puppy First Week Home

video Bulldog puppy first week home

Enjoy watching Porter, the 9-weeks-old Bulldog puppy.  This is a video of his first week home.  His Mom is trying to be interactive with him.  He responds to her with his sweet face.  Actually, this is a common temperament for Bulldogs.  Sweet, affectionate.

Characteristics of Bulldogs

They love children, according to Vetstreet, and is a perfect family pet.  They are easy to train too.  He doesn’t require a whole lot of exercise, and are generally easy to care for.  There are certain traits about their physical requirements to pay attention to if you are thinking about getting a Bulldog.  They cannot tolerate heat.  Unless it is a really mild summer, they should be in air-conditioning.  They might actually die if they are overheated.

How to care for Bulldogs when exercising

Bulldogs cannot exercise a lot because that can be hard on their breathing.  And if you have a swimming pool or a pond, please keep your Bulldog away from it because his oversized-head and torso make it hard to stay above water.

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Another reason for Bulldog to live indoor, besides preventing them from getting overheated, is that they adore their family and love to be around them.  They are friendly and loves everyone.  And he appreciates a leisurely, relaxed lifestyle.  This is not a dog to take jogging or running with you, or participate in water sports with the family.

Make training fun for Bulldogs

Vetstreet shares that there is a misconception around the topic of training Bulldogs.  People who love Bulldogs find them not difficult to train, as many have thought.  Once they learn something, they know it.  Just make your training sessions fun for them, with a lot of repetitions.  Praise them a lot, and encourage them with treats.

They have moderate energy level.  A 15-minute walk will be followed by a nap.  And remember, they don’t tolerate heat, so walk them during the cool part of the day.  You can read more about Bulldogs here.  Enjoy watching sweet Porter on his first weekend home.

Article source:  Vetstreet


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