[VIDEO] Vizsla Puppies Having fun

Vizsla puppies having fun

The Vizsla puppies in this video are having fun playing with each other.  Vizsla is a hunting dog.  They are known for their great memory.  They even remember the best spots for birds.  Families who like a big dog, but not too big, would appreciate the grown size of a Vizsla.

Is Vizsla the right dog for you?

Females are between 40 to 55 pounds.  Males can go up to 65 pounds.  This is an active breed.  Only bring them home if you have the time to exercise them.  They play hard.   Go running, hiking with them.  They are up for it. If they don’t get enough exercise, they can get bored and get destructive.  Give them 30 minutes to an hour of vigorous exercise each day.  Give them some brain games also.  Try puzzle toys.

What are Vizsla’s like?

Dog bowl designed for fast eaters
Dog bowl designed for fast eaters

Vizsla’s also need their people. They don’t like to be separated from their human family, according to Vetstreet.  By the way the pronunciation of this breed is “Veesh-la”.  The day you bring her home, start training her.  Be gentle and consistent with your training.  And by the way, if you have a cat, this may not be the best breed to bring home.

Are Vizsla puppies good with children?

While Vizsla’s are great with children, as puppies, they view children as other puppies, and they’ll play as such, mouthing and biting.  They’ll take the children’s toys (like they would another puppy) and knock them down.  So supervise their playtime.  Having said this, Vizsla’s learn quickly. Praise them for good behavior.  Affection and treats also work well.

This is a sensitive dog.  So do not speak harshly or loudly to him.  He really likes to please you.  Grooming a Vizsla is easy.  Brush their coat once a week.  Keep their ears clean and dry.  Trim the nails and brush his teeth.  Enjoy watching this beautiful Vizsla puppy grow up.

If you enjoy watching these puppies play, here is one of a Yorkie taking agility class.

Article source:  Vetstreet


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