[VIDEO] Compilation Of Golden Retrievers Having Fun

video Golden Retrievers compilation

This is a video of Golden Retrievers having fun.  One of the Retrievers is swinging ever so softly in a hammock.  A puppy is carrying her stuffed animal in her mouth and walking around.  This is actually very common in Retrievers because they are so named because they “retrieve” on hunting trips.  So carrying something softly in their mouth may be remnant of this trait, even if they aren’t hunting.

What are Retrievers like?

In a couple of clips, the Retrievers are craving the affection of their humans.  In fact, one of them does not want to share that affection with another dog.   Golden Retrievers are among the most popular dog breeds in the U.S.  They are good at what they do, whether it’s as guide dogs, as hunting assistant, search and rescue, or your companion.  They are good at it.  And they are strong.  Golden Retrievers are patient and gentle with children.  They are loving and energetic—perfect companion for children.

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Rachael Ray dog treats

Their devotion makes them a great family dog.  They are well-mannered and easy to train, according to Dog Breed Info.  They get along with everyone, including other dogs, so they are not much of a guard dog.  But they can make a good watchdog because they will let you know if they see a stranger coming.

Exercise needs of Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers can adapt to living in any situation.  If your Goldie stays indoor with you a lot, make sure she gets plenty of exercise, for both her physical and mental well-being.  She needs a long walk everyday, or run beside you while you are bicycling.  If she does not get her physical and mental exercise, she can get high-strung and a bit too exuberant.  Goldies enjoy your companionship, and they love to please you.  So if you are into competition, they’ll probably win a few trophies.   You can read more about Golden Retrievers here.

If you enjoy watching this video, here is another video of Retrievers playing the keyboard with perfect pitch.

Article source:  Dog Breed Info


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