[VIDEO] Best Kennel Experience Ever For A Well Loved Bulldog

video kind man prepares his dog for great kennel experience

This is Igor.  A nice little Bulldog who lives in Norway.  Igor hasn’t spent a night away from his family since he joined them.  Until now.  This Easter the family is visiting Thailand.  Instead of being excited, they are sad because Igor has to stay behind in Norway, and move into a kennel. Secretly, Dad is preparing a surprise for Igor.  He wants to give Igor the feeling of home away from home.

So, Dad recruits a buddy to help him paint the walls of Igor’s room at the kennel the same color as the family living room.  On the day of departure, Dad puts Igor into the family car, then together with his friends, moved the furniture from the living room to Igor’s kennel room.

A most loving act for his dog

Peora created sapphire pendant
Peora created sapphire pendant

When Igor got to the kennel, Dad unveiled his room.  Igor sees the photos of his family, the family couch that he usually sits on, his regular treats!  Everything looks familiar.  Now his family can feel relieved when they go on their vacation, knowing that their beloved Igor is going to miss them less.

While his family is on vacation, Igor invites a St. Bernard to his place everyday, and they became best friends.  This wonderful man brings up a good point.  Just like us, unfamiliar surroundings can be a source of stress, especially when the people we love are not around.  Anything familiar, such as the scent of their beloved family, is helpful.  For example, the couch has the scent of the family members who sat on it.  His own dog bed that he is familiar with.  The coffee table that he is accustomed to.

So when we go on vacation and have to leave our dog in someone else’s care, giving our dog as much comforts of home is going to help a great deal.  Enjoy this very loving story of what a man does for his beloved dog.

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Image source:  via My Pet Source


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