[VIDEO] 2 Japanese Chin Puppies Playing With Mom

video Japanese Chin puppies getting groomed by mom

The 2 beautiful puppies in this video are Japanese Chin puppies, getting fed and cleaned by their nurturing mama.   You can tell one of them is the active one, being playful and seeking interaction.  Even in a small area, this little one want to interact with the camera.  The other one is more quiet, and seems to be less adventurous for now.

Japanese Chin puppies are playful and perky.   They like the more luxurious aspects of life–a soft pillow, your lap.  And they are good climbers, so you might find them perched high on the sofa.  They really have the agility of a cat.  They are not as hyperactive or yappy as some other toy breeds, according to Michele Welton on Your Pure Bred Puppy.

Characteristics of Japanese Chin puppies

Japanese Chin adore attention, and need human companionship.  If you leave them alone for more than a few hours, they can get anxious.  Might even start chewing on things and bark a lot.

Japanese Chin don’t need a great deal of exercise, so if you have a yard for them to play in, they’ll be happy.  If you do have a yard, be sure it’s fenced.  There’s a Spaniel heritage in the Japanese, so they do have the hunting instinct to chase after birds.

Furhaven Dog Playpen
Furhaven Dog Playpen

The Japanese Chin is not for a family with young children.  As well-meaning as little ones are, they may not be always watching where they are running, or where they are stepping.  Because of their size, the Japanese Chin can get seriously injured, even killed, if someone accidentally step or sit on them.

They do like to curl up under blankets and pillow, so you constantly have to pay attention to where you are stepping and sitting.  It is a good idea to socialize Japanese Chin early on, so they are exposed to a variety of people, sounds, sights.  You can read more about them here.  Enjoy watching these 2 Japanese Chin puppies playing with Mom.

If you enjoy this video, here is one of a Japanese Spitz puppy having a good time.

Article source:  Michele Welton on Your Pure Bred Puppy


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