[VIDEO] Watch How This Cat Cares For a German Shepherd

video cat takes care of German Shepherd

Isn’t this the most lovely relationship between a cat and a dog?   The woman in the video narrates the story of their friendship.   It is most touching that the cat takes up the responsibility of caring for this German Shepherd.  Actually, friendships between cats and dogs are not uncommon.

According to Dr. Mark in Pet Helpful, there are several breeds of dogs more likely to get along with cats.  He’s been a vet for over 40 years, and is well aware that not all cats and dogs can live in the same house.  However, he notices that there is a correlation between dogs that are good with children with dogs that are good with cats.

Which dogs get along with cats?

So what are the breeds that you can match with a cat?  The Beagle does get along with a cat when they are indoor.  Once outdoor, they may chase the cat around.

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The Boxer does well with a tough cat.  He is strong and may like to wrestle with the cat, but without doing harm.  The Bichon Frise probably views the cat as another small playmate.  He is a social dog, and probably would be better suited for a playful cat because he is a happy person.  A cat who prefers to be left alone may not be thrilled with him.

Golden Retriever is another such dog.  Of course!  He is gentle with cats even when playing.  And if the Goldie decides to nurse or raise a kitten, they get pretty protective.  Maltese is the smallest dog breed that get along well with cats.  He is likely to leave the cats alone.  It could be because he is a laid-back person who doesn’t want to get into any fight.  He won’t mess with a new cat, and he also is okay with cats that want to be left alone.  You can read more about this topic here.  Enjoy this video compilation filled with friendship that sometimes look a bit rambunctious.

If you appreciate this video, here is another one of rescue dog Murkin hanging out with a new foster cat.

Article source:  Dr. Mark in Pet Helpful


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