How To Help Your Dog With New Year’s Eve Fireworks


I just read through several articles about how to take special care of our dogs when fireworks go off on New Year’s Eve.  One of my favorite articles is from The Lost Dogs Home.

Because our dogs have MUCH MUCH better hearing than humans do, it’s natural for some of them to run away to look for a safe place when they hear sounds that are loud and unfamiliar.

Here are a few points from the article:

  • If possible, arrange for someone to stay with your pet who is already familiar to your dog.
  • Keep your dog indoor when the fireworks are going off.  Turn on some music (or TV show if your pet is fond of TV) to keep them distracted.  You can also use toys and food.
  • If your dog is especially anxious, consider asking your vet about a mild sedative to help them feel calm during this “ordeal”.


Here’s a brief excerpt from the article:

  • Keep your pet securely contained for the entire night – a fence may not be enough to keep a determined, panicking pet from escaping during fireworks. Scaling fences can also lead to serious injury for dogs. Ideally you should keep your pet inside, in a secure room where they can neither escape nor hurt themselves. It is important that you don’t tie up your dog at the collar, as in a moment of panic he or she could try to get away causing serious injury.

You can read the entire article here.


Article source:  The Lost Dogs Home

Image source:  Fisher Chia on


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