What To Do If Your Dog Snores


I was talking to someone today who is taking care of 2 dogs while their owners are on vacation.  One of the dogs snores so loudly it keeps her awake at night.  This inspires me to do some research on the topic.

An article in Vet Info shares some common reasons for dog snoring and offers some suggestions on how to possibly stop or alleviate it.

The general idea is to identify the cause of the snoring.  Is it an allergen?  A cold?   An overweight issue?  Or something else?  A vet may be helpful with this.



Here’s an excerpt from the article:

  1. If your dog is suffering from snoring caused by allergens make sure you clean his bedding every day. Walk him outdoors when the pollen levels are low and when there isn’t too much traffic. Vacuum regularly and keep rugs and curtains dust free.
  2. Try to change the way your dog sleeps by either changing his bed or his sleeping posture.
  3. Give your dog a pillow. If he uses the pillow it will elevate his head and may reduce snoring.

You can read the entire article here.


Article source:  Vet Info

Image source:  Meaghan O’Malley on Flickr.com


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