People Who Start To Look Like Their Dogs


This article shows photos of people who start to look like their dogs.  The fun images are compiled by Matt Stopera of Buzzfeed.  The Buzzfeed community was asked to send in photos of them and their beloved dog friends, with the intent of looking for similarities between human and dog after they’ve lived together for a while.  Here are the results.  Among my favorite images are # 1– alert blue eyes   # 2–Surprise!  #4—Mmmmm…so lovely!   #11–Same intense look  #14–Same response   #16–Same attitude   #18–Same loveliness   #25–Even the same hair color.  Do you know anyone personally who’s starting to look like their best friend?

CLICK here to see the other fun photos.



Article source:  Matt Stopera of Buzzfeed

Image source:  via Buzzfeed


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