[VIDEO] German Shepherd Puppy Brings Newspaper From Driveway


The German Shepherd puppy in this video is bringing the newspaper from the driveway.  This is a very smart puppy.  And very determined.  The paper is rolled up in a plastic bag.  That is a good thing because it would get dog saliva all over it otherwise.  Actually, the roll of paper is really too large for this puppy’s mouth.  Still, this puppy feels he’s got a job to do.  And he’s going to get it done!  I can see this German Shepherd puppy being recruited one day for tasks calling for the same sense of determination.   Look at his personality.  Even though he dropped the paper a couple of times because it really was too large for him, he keeps picking it up until he got to the door.  This video doesn’t show the last portion, but in another video, it shows how he got the attention of the person inside with his little voice.   This is one well-trained puppy.

Enjoy watching this determined German Shepherd puppy get his job done!



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