[VIDEO] Wolf-Dog Sings To Soothe A Crying Baby


The wolf-dog in this video is singing to soothe a crying baby.  The description under the video could not identify the breed, but the voice does sound part wolf.  This dog has a most beautiful voice.  Turn up your volume so you can hear her sin.  It sounds like she moves up and down the scale, so it’s not one long howl.  When the baby starts crying, she starts singing, and the baby calms right down.  The wolf-dog senses when the baby is about to cry again.  We can see that on the baby’s face because of the camera’s angle.  But the dog did not even look, and was able to sense that the baby still needs some soothing, so she starts singing again.  When this dog soothes a baby, she does a thorough job!   I would LOVE to have her as my babysitter.

Enjoy listening to the soothing voice of this nurturing comforter.


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