[VIDEO] 2 Sharpei Moms Supervising Their Puppies


The 2 Sharpei moms in this video are supervising their young puppies.  Must be part of the socialization process, so the little ones know how to fit into their dog society.  It seems one mom has her attention on teaching one specific puppy.  Actually, the puppies want to play with their moms as well.

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Listen to the snorts of the puppy running toward the food bowl. And even in between bites, one of the puppies is snorting.  It must be fun to listen to them all day.

Characteristics of a Sharpei

If you are thinking about getting a Sharpei, know that this snorting is part of life, and snoring too.  If this is the first time you get a dog, Sharpei probably would not be the recommendation, according to Michele Welton on Your Pure Bred Puppy.  This is a confident, strong-willed, dominant dog.  Someone already experienced with training a dog by being consistent, respectful of a dog’s independence, while earning the dog’s respect, would do better with a Sharpei.

This breed certainly has a unique look.  They don’t bark much.  They need only moderate exercise.  They are naturally clean, so housebreaking would be easy.  It’s important to socialize a Sharpei early because his territorial instincts are strong.  Expose them early on to different people, so they get a feel of what good guys feel like.  This way, he won’t be suspicious of all strangers when he grows up.

The Sharpei can do fine living in the city, as long as he gets his exercise.  If you live on a farm, be sure your fences are secure because they have a hunting instinct, and they might bother your livestock.   Usually, unless they are provoked, Sharpei mind their own business.  You can read more about this breed here.

Enjoy watching these fun Sharpei puppies playing with their moms.

Article source:  Michele Welton on Your Pure Bred Puppy


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