[VIDEO] Pug Puppies Mastering Wood Floor

video of Pug puppies trying to walk on wood floor

The Pug puppies in this video are exploring their world.  And on a hardwood floor.   It can’t be an easy task to slide around as you try to play with your sibling or chasing the camera person.  Fun loving, that’s who they are.

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What are Pugs like?

According to Vetstreet, Pugs are good with children, other dogs, and cats.  He is happiest when he’s being part of the family.  They would enjoy going to the office with you.  And your co-workers’ day would be the better for it.  Do know that Pugs excel in begging?   With those irresistible pleading eyes, it takes will power to not keep giving them treats.  But if you can tell yourself that you are loving your Pug by not overfeeding him because that can lead to obesity, you might have an easier time with those pleading eyes.

Your pug is very much a people person.  He may follow you from room to room.  It is a good idea to help him get used to the idea of being alone so he doesn’t get overly anxious if you do have to leave him behind from time to time.  Of course, start small.  Just a few minutes at first, then increase that time gradually as they feel more comfortable with you out of the house.

And while he does need some exercise to stay fit and mentally challenged, he can’t handle a lot of exercise.  They can overheat easily.  Even though Pugs are considered Toy dogs, they are among the largest of the Toy breeds.  This is an advantage if you have children who may rough house with them.  Pugs can actually take it better than other Toy breeds.  Still, it is good to show children how to properly approach and handle dogs so they are respectful of a dog’s space.  You can read more about this breed here.  Enjoy watching these adorable Pug puppies explore their world.

Article source:  Vetstreet


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