[VIDEO] 3 Weeks Old Corgi Puppies Huddling

video Corgi puppies following their mama

The 3-weeks-old Corgi puppies in this video are huddling with their siblings, and also starting to play bite.  Their mama is taking a rest from the puppies, probably to get her own lunch.  Even so, while she is walking away, one of her pups still hangs on to mama, getting his lunch.

The puppies are huddling with each other.  They do that to keep warm and to feel close to another.  Puppies grow so quickly, it’s like watching nature reveal herself day after day.  When they were born, they can’t see and they can’t hear.  They can’t eliminate, and they can’t regulate their body heat, according to Joan Paylo in Pet Place.  Her article outlines what we can expect during the first few weeks of a puppy’s life.

How to care for puppies the first few weeks

In the first 2 weeks, puppies sleep about 90% of the time.  Their mom’s instinct guides her to have her puppies huddle together for warmth.  Chill can kills a puppy at this phase.

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Even without sight or hearing at this point, puppies can smell and touch.  These senses will guide the puppies to their mom for food.  Her milk contains antibodies that help her puppies to survive for 6 to 10 weeks.  Mom licks the pups’ tummies to stimulate them so they can eliminate.

During these first 2 weeks, the puppies’ legs are weak.  They can barely make their way to Mom for food and to their siblings for comforting warmth.  So when they sleep, the twitch and kick their little legs.  This twitching movement helps the puppies to strengthen their leg muscles.  If the mother permits you to touch her puppies, you can pick up each puppy several times a day and touch them gently.  This early touch by humans help the puppy to bond with humans later on.  You can read the entire fascinating article here.

Enjoy watching these 3 weeks old starting to interact with each other.  If you like this Corgi video, you might also enjoy this one.

Article source:  Joan Paylo in Pet Place


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