[VIDEO] Pug Gets Very Excited About Pet Store

video Pug feels excited about pet store

Who gets THIS excited about a shopping trip?  Well, the Pug in this video found out when his dad is pulling into the parking lot of his favorite store, and just couldn’t contain his excitement!  His name is Captain.  When his owner says the name “PetSmart”, Captain went wild.  He wanted to get out of his car seat right then and there.  But he didn’t, thanks to doggie car seat and seat belts.

If Captin were human, he probably would have said, “Just drop me off here.  You go park the car.”  Pugs have one of the most adored faces.  That’s why so many go “aaawwww” when they see one.  If you are considering getting a Pug because of that cute face, there are some things to know about them first.

How to care for Pugs

Michele Welton  recommends in Your Pure Bred Puppy to avoid smoking around your Pug to help his breathing. His respiratory system needs special care because of the way he is built. Use cleaning products that do not contain chemicals. If you had just cut your lawn, keep him away from the fresh cut grass. And if pollens are in the air, keep him indoor.

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If you live in a hot and humid climate, keep him indoor, in air-conditioning. Short-faced dogs get heatstroke more easily because they can’t pant enough to lower their body heat.

Use a harness that’s Y-shaped instead of a collar around his throat, because the collar would put pressure on his windpipe.

Sometimes when a Pug gets excited, reverse sneezing can occur. Don’t be afraid when you hear this. You can help by covering his nose so he has to breathe through his mouth, and massage his throat so he feels relief and more calm as he returns to his normal breathing.  You can read Michele’s entire article about Pugs here.

Be sure to turn up your volume to enjoy Captain’s excitement over shopping!

Article source:  Michele Welton on Your Pure Bred Puppy


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