[VIDEO] Corgi Puppy Playing With Family Dog

video Corgi playing with puppy

What a delightful duo.  They are going to have a lot of fun together!   It’s only been 3 days, and look how well they play with each other.  The resident dog looks like he genuinely enjoys chasing after the new puppy.  The puppy is certainly giving him a workout.  This owner has done well matching 2 dogs with similar energy level.

Introducing a puppy to the family dog

If you already have a dog, and thinking about bringing home a second dog, energy level is something to consider.  According to Jennifer in Adopt A Pet, many owners want to introduce a puppy to the family in order to “liven up” the older dog.

Often, the older dog is content with things as they are, and may not like to deal with that puppy energy. So instead of feeling “enlivened” they feel annoyed at the rambunctious young pup.  If, however, their temperament and energy level are a match, your plan to liven things up may just work. Here are some thoughts on how to introduce a young pup to the resident dog.

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Jennifer suggests leaving the puppy in one room (one that your older dog does not sleep or eat in) and puppy-proof that room.  You can also use a crate if there’s no extra room.  Just having the puppy around is sufficient for the resident dog without direct interaction for now.

Feed them separately and play with them separately, giving equal attention to each.  The first direct contact should take place in a neutral territory—a park or a neighbor’s yard, if the puppy hasn’t had all his vaccinations.

Have your friend hold the puppy in her arms.  Let the older dog take the initiative in sniffing the pup.  Let things happen naturally.  Stay relaxed so the dogs don’t pick up on your tension.  Keep speaking to them in positive tones to reinforce the behavior you want.  You can read more about how to conduct the introduction here.

Article source:  Jennifer on Adopt A Pet


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