[VIDEO] Mama Dog Comforting Little Boy

video mama dog reaches out to little boy with Downs Syndrome

This is the most heart warming video!   The mother of this little boy said her son is a bit withdrawn and does not like to be touched.  The dog (named Himalayan) reaches out to the boy EVER so gently.

Even though the little boy moves away from Himalayan’s approach several times, she persists.  She does not take it personally.  She gives him the space he needs when he moves away, then tries again later.  Somehow she senses that the little boy would appreciate the connection even though he pushes her away.

How dogs serve as therapists

Himalayan may not be an official therapy dog, but she certainly has the gift for it.  Dogs have a knack for sensing our emotions.  And some have really fine-tuned skills even when they see body language that seems to convey the opposite.

Some children with Autism have regained their independence because of service dogs.  Some adults who were patients at the Betty Ford Center have felt more at ease in therapy sessions when there are service dogs present for them to pat.  It soothes them.

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And having a being that they know for certain would not judge them no matter how bad they believe themselves to be has got to be the most healing balm.

The dogs could care less about their past or present, or where they fit or not fit in society.  They are simply accepting.   Some reading programs at schools have brought in not only volunteers to help with children, but therapy dogs who would not care if a child read well or poorly.

There is no pressure to measure up to any standard.   The children are then more relaxed about reading, and in the process improving their skills.  All because a furry friend is next to them.

I hope you enjoy this heartwarming video.  Isn’t that arm on the shoulder the warmest gesture you’ve ever seen?


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