[VIDEO] Westie Puppy Meeting New Family

video Westie puppy meeting new family

Just listen to the excited voice of the family!  This is a video of Champ’s first day home.  Champ is a Westie.  Dad sounds so delighted as Champ gets to know him.  Everyone is excited about the new puppy, and is showing Champ all his new toys.  Almost an over-stimulation.  This loving family already has toys waiting for him, including a toy that’s intended for flossing his teeth.  From the conversation between the family members, they’ve been preparing for the arrival of Champ.  This is a very good sign.

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What are Westies like?

They’ve been educating themselves on the caring of a puppy.  And it sounds like the children who were talking in the video are older children.  This is good in the case of a Westie.  Although Westies get along with everybody, they can snap if they get annoyed.  And it is possible that a younger child may not know how to approach a dog properly.  If there are young children in your home, be sure to show them how to properly approach and respect a dog.

According to Pup Journal, the Westies have plenty of self confidence.  Even though they won’t go looking for trouble, they don’t consider any threat as too big for them, even a much larger dog.  They are also working dogs, and they will get rid of any vermin on your property.  Even bring you their prize.  Because they will go after smaller animals, don’t raise him with smaller animals.  He does get along with cats, if they are raised together.  This is also a dog who likes to talk, not bark. You may have reason to believe you are actually holding a conversation.  You can read more about Westies here.    Enjoy watching how Champ’s family care for him on his first day home.

Article source:  Pup Journal


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