[VIDEO] 7-Weeks-Old English Bulldog Puppies

video Bulldog puppy snorting

The two 7-weeks-old English Bulldogs in this video are making lovely noises.   There is just something sweet about the way they look at you and try to say something.  With that snorting sound they make, there is no way they can sound even threatening.

Their Bulldog mom walks by to check on her pups.  Their pet parent can’t stop talking to them, they are just so endearing to her. When they are puppies, Bulldogs are frisky, like the ones in this video.  When they are adults, one of their favorite activities is snoring on your couch, according to Michele Welton on Your Pure Bred Puppy.   This is an easy-going, sweet-natured breed.  They don’t often bark.  Some of them are friendly to strangers, and some are simply reserved.

What are English Bulldogs like?

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English Bulldogs remember what they learn, and they respond well to trainers who are patient with them.  Food wouldn’t hurt as a motivator either.  Bulldogs do shed.  And not just a little.  Their short hair will get everywhere.  Everytime you sit down, you’ll know they’ve been on the sofa and on the carpet.  And your clothes will show it too. Consider building a wardrobe the color of your Bulldog. 🙂   Or invest in a really good vacuum.

Now, noise level.  Yes, they are not barkers.  However, they snort, grunt, snore.  LOUDLY.  If you are a light sleeper, think twice about this breed, unless you sleep at the other end of the house.  And they drool and slobber.  After they drink or eat, watch out for that shake of the head.  Keep a towel around you to wipe yourself dry.   If you don’t mind these seemingly amusing quirks, and really appreciate their sweet nature and the sounds they make, the English Bulldog can be a possibility for you.  Read more about this breed here.  If you like Bulldog videos, here is another one.

Article source:  Michele Welton on Your Pure Bred Puppy


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