[VIDEO] 8-Weeks-Old Beagle Playing

video Beagle puppy playing with adult dogs

The 8-weeks-old Beagle in this video is playing with several grown up dogs.  They are all Beagles.  The puppy is Philou, and her gentle Beagle friend is Marie, who is looking out for her from the rowdiness of the other Beagles.  Actually, Philou is holding her own, and the grown-ups humor her by behaving as if they will be as rough with her as with each other.  But not really.

Characteristics of Beagles

Beagles have been called a nose with 4 legs, according to Vetstreet.  They are scent hounds, and they are happiest when they can use their sniffer to explore interesting scents in the world.  If you like to take long walks, take this one with you.  Walking leisurely and sniffing all kinds of scents to his heart’s content is music to his ear.

Because of his sense of smell, Beagles are used in U.S. airports to sniff things out.  Because they have a good temperament, passengers would not feel nervous seeing a Beagle, as they might seeing a large police dog.

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This nose business has other implications too.  If you have a yard, it’s essential that you fence it securely.  When a Beagle smells something interesting, it does not matter if it’s on the other side of the road or miles away.  He’ll follow the scent.  Your well-fenced yard will protect him from wandering off.

Beagles love to eat.  Yes, which dog doesn’t?  But especially Beagles.  So much so, that humans trying to outsmart their Beagles are putting their food, trash cans, or anything edible with a scent away so their Beagles won’t get to it.  There is a flip side to this extra work.  Beagles’ love for food also means that they are willing to learn things we’d like to learn if we entice them with food.  These are just some things to consider before you bring a Beagle home.  You can read about other traits here.  Enjoy watching Philou playing with her older Beagle friends.

Article source:  Vetstreet


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