[VIDEO] Alaskan Malamute Puppy Learning To Sing

Alaskan Malamute learning to sing

The Alaskan Malamute puppy in this video is learning to sing.  The Malamute way.

In the background, you can hear one of the fur parents howling, as if encouraging the puppy to do the same.

How to understand a Malamute’s communication

Even though Malamutes tend to not bark, they do howl, and like to carry on conversations with us, according to OmalMalamutes.  Their language is complex, with a wide range of vocabulary.  You can hear this in Nikon’s song.  And each individual has her own communication style.

To understand a Malamute’s language, listen also to her inflection, tone, volume, her body language, and her facial expression.  Train yourself to notice the difference in their songs.  Each one conveys a specific request.  If you listen for the pattern, you might learn to understand what they are saying.

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For example, “I need to go outside” would sound different from “Throw that ball a little farther” or “I’m bored” or “I miss you”.  It’s not always a howl.  It can be a “Woo  woo woo”  So if you could watch for the speaking pattern that’s associated with a request, soon you’ll be a much more active part of the conversation.

And if you have more than one Malamute, you will have to learn each individual’s communication cues.

Since Malamutes tend not to bark, when they do, it means they are alerting you to something.  Do not ignore the bark.  You can learn more about Malamutes’ language here.

Enjoy listening to Nikon teaching little sister Mocha to howl the Malamute way.  If you like this video, here is another Malamute video for you.

Article source:  OmalMalamutes


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