[VIDEO] Australian Shepherd Maggie Mae Gets Belly Rub


The blue merle Australian Shepherd puppy in this video is playing with her Mom on the floor.  Her name is Maggie Mae.  At this filming, she is only 8-weeks-old, with sharp puppy teeth, and loving her belly rubbed.  How many of us have played with our puppies like this?!

The woman is so thoughtful, she saw that Maggie Mae was chewing on her arm, so she scratches it for her.  She plays high-five with the pup, and Maggie reaches up with both paws.  Mom is having as good a time as Maggie Mae is.   This is the best puppy therapy.  According to Pet Wave, Australian Shepherd are very intelligent, loyal, and love the company of humans.

Enjoy watching Maggie Mae play with her Mom.


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