[VIDEO] This Corgi Puppy Moving From Spoon Fed To Independence


The Corgi puppy in this video is moving from spoon fed to independence.  Listen to how delicious the food sounds to this puppy.  I appreciate how the man is easing the transition by partially helping this puppy first with a spoon, then giving the pup an opportunity to eat from the bowl by himself.

Look at those cute puppy paws.  So huge already.  This puppy has such beautiful hair.   The man is holding the puppy while he’s eating.  I wonder if this helps to keep the puppy clean.  I notice when the puppy starts to eat by himself, he is still taking little bites, as when he was spoon fed.  This is a good habit.  Chewing rather than just gulping down their food, like many dogs do.

Enjoy this calming moment watching this Corgi puppy move from being spoon fed to eating by himself.


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