[VIDEO] Australian Shepherd Puppies Playing With Dad

video Australian shepherd puppies playing with dad

The beautiful Australian Shepherd puppies in this video are playing with Dad.  One after another, they climb on Dad, who’s lying down on the backyard.  They lick his nose (sometimes with teeth!)   They are already rambunctious when they play with each other.  High energy.

These puppies do need to run off their excess energy!  Australian Shepherds are also called Aussies.  This is a wonderful breed that are highly intelligent and loyal, according to Dog Breed Info,  They are good with children, even a child that’s very active, because Aussies love to play.  They are naturally protective, and are devoted.

Traits of an Australian Shepherd

There is another wonderful trait about this breed–even in their adult life, they retain their puppy nature.  That means they keep their youthful attitude throughout their life.  How wonderful! Because Aussies are originally working dogs, they need a lot of exercise.  They are more suited for people who lead an active lifestyle.    This is not a dog that lies around taking naps.

Dog bowl to slow down fast eaters
Dog bowl to slow down fast eaters

So if you are thinking about getting an Aussie, lifestyle is an important factor to think about.  Are you an active person?  If you have an Aussie, they need to be mentally and physically active.  If they get bored, it can lead to destructive behavior.

Australian Shepherds also have the wonderful ability to know what their owners want–kind of like a sixth sense.  They love to please, and they are attentive.  This makes them easy to train.

Because they are herding dogs, they may have a habit to nip at someone’s ankles.  You can train them to know that they do not herd people, just livestock.  Aussies are gentle with people.  This is not a dog for apartment living.  They will need at least a big yard for them to expend their energy.  If you give them a job, they will be even happier.  You can read more about Australian Shepherds here.  Enjoy watching these joyful puppies.

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Article source:  Dog Breed Info


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