[VIDEO] Beagle Puppy Octavius Learning To Bay

video Beagle puppy learns to bay

The Beagle puppy in this video is learning to bay.  His name is Octavius.  What a strong name. Look at that little mouth.  And listen to that soft little voice.  Soon, that voice is not going to be so soft.  It’s going to become a full-blown howl.  And hopefully, your Beagle is not a talkative one because they howl.  But if you like the sound of howling, you’ll be fine.

Beagles are happiest when they can use their nose.  According to Vetstreet, Beagles have been referred to as “a nose with four legs”.  Airports use them to sniff out illegal items because of their nose talent and because they are friendly dogs.  Passengers would not tense up with a Beagle sniffing their luggage as they would a large police dog.

What are Beagles like?

Gentle workouts for mobility Miranda Esmonde-White DVD
Gentle workouts for mobility Miranda Esmonde-White DVD

Vetstreet recommends that those considering a Beagle know 2 things about Beagles before getting one–they will follow a scent, and they love food.  What this translates to is that if your Beagle smells something interesting, they’ll ignore you calling them to come back.  They don’t care if there is a busy street with cars, or if the scent is coming from 10 miles away.  When they smell something interesting to them, their nose is the voice they listen to.  A fenced yard is definitely a necessity.

As for the love of food, that means you have to put away any scent of food, including trash cans.  They are creative about accessing food.  This also means you can use food as a training motivator.

Beagles are a great companion for families with children, people who are active outdoors, and those who like to take slow walks, which gives Beagles plenty of time to sniff around.   You can read more about Beagles here.  Enjoy watching Beagle puppy Octavius learning to bay.

Article source:  Vetstreet


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