[VIDEO] 9 Weeks Old Australian Shepherd Puppy First Hour Home

9 week old Australian Shepherd puppy

This is a video of 9-weeks-old Australian Shepherd’s first hour home.  The family already has an Aussie.  Watch how the adult Shepherd responds to the newcomer.  The puppy had just arrived after a 3 hour drive.  He seems appreciative to have an older dog as companion.   The adult Shepherd is doing fine with the little dog, but not yet ready to share his toy.  Some Australian Shepherds can get pretty big, that’s why some people prefer miniature Aussies.

Characteristics of Australian Shepherds

Miniature Australian Shepherds are puppies in spirit.  They are great companions for children, including active children because they are so easy-going, affectionate, loyal, attentive.  In fact, they have sort of a sixth sense of what their people want, according to Dog Breed Info.  They are very intelligent and very active, which means they can get bored easily.  Make sure you can provide enough mental and physical stimulation for this smart one.  They are easy to train.

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Mini Aussies need a long walk everyday.   If you can give them a job, they would be very happy.   So give them a chore to bring in the newspaper or another task so they feel they are contributing.  Their miniature size makes them all right for apartment living, as long as you provide enough exercise.  A yard would be nice.

Because they are herders, it is possible that they like to nip people at the ankle.  Teach them as early as possible that herding people is not in their job description.  This breed does well in cold climates.  It is interesting that the Miniature Australian Shepherds were originally developed in the U.S., not Australia.  Back in 1968, a breeding program used small Aussies to develop Mini Aussie, with the intent to create a small version of the Australian Shepherd with all its wonderful qualities.  You can read more about Miniature Australian Shepherds here.  Enjoy watching lovely Blitz his first week home with his new family.

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Article source:  Dog Breed Info


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