[VIDEO] Happy Tiny Pug Puppy

video tiny Pug puppy running

The tiny Pug puppy in this video is one joyful pup.  He is so tiny that his Mom can pick him up with one hand.  He is almost as large as her feet.  Not quite, but almost there.  See how lively this little Pug is?  That’s a characteristic of Pugs.

They are loving and affectionate.  They are very intelligent.  Include variations when you train him so he does not get bored.  Because he is sensitive to the tone of your voice, be sure to sound calm and confident.  Pugs get along with dogs and other pets.  They are good with children and visitors.  They may alarm you when someone is at the door, but once they are inside, your Pug will welcome your visitor.

How to care for Pugs

Pugs are okay with apartment living, and is fine without a yard.  The adults spend much of the day snoring anyway. 🙂  But do take your Pug for a daily walk.   They don’t like hot or cold weather. They need to be in comfortable temperature.  Even though they enjoy rather energetic game, watch their breathing.  If they start to wheeze, stop the game and let them calm down.   Their short nose has make them more vulnerable to overheating.

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The respiratory system of the Pug is more delicate, according to Michele Welton on Your Pure Bred Puppy.  Avoid smoking near him.  Use cleaning products that are chemical free.  Keep him away from grass that’s just been cut.  Keep him away from pollen that can cause allergies.  When the weather is hot and humid, limit outdoor activities because he can get heatstroke.  This is true for short-faced dogs because they can’t pant enough to lower their body heat.  It’s good to keep them in air-conditioned homes in the summer.  Use a harness that wraps around his chest, so his throat won’t feel pressured, which makes it harder on his breathing.  If they ever need surgery, insist that your vet uses a blood pressure and heart monitor.  Not all vets are equally knowledgeable when anesthetizing dogs with short face.  You can read the entire article here.

If you enjoy this video, here is another Pug video for you!

Article source:   Michele Welton on Your Pure Bred Puppy


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