[VIDEO] Pug Puppy Meeting Big Dogs At Park

video Pug puppy playing at dog park

The Pug in this video is Howie, a puppy who is meeting big friends at the dog park.  A dog park is a wonderful place for dogs to get their social time.  Like us, they need to see friends who speak their own language.  Some dog parks have several sections to accommodate different sized dogs, so the pet parents won’t have to worry about their tiny dog getting squashed by a large dog.

When to start bringing puppies to the dog park

This is one place to bring puppies after they’ve had all their shots.  If the puppy hasn’t completed the vaccinations, you can still socialize him at home, with friends coming by, or taking them to friends’ homes.  They can still get used to meeting new people, smelling new scents, seeing new environment.  This socialization process helps puppies grow into adults who feel comfortable when they encounter new people and new situations.

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Pets Web MD shares that many behavior problems in dogs come from not having enough activities.  Dogs in the wild lead a busy life.  Dogs as pets often become couch potatoes, eating from bowls instead of looking for food.

Their much needed physical and mental abilities are not put to full use when they just wait for us to come home to play with them.  Dog parks can be a good place for your active friend to run freely and socialize with his own species, talking their own language, reading other dogs’ body language.  They get to sniff new smells, explore a whole new interesting world that’s not his home, wrestle with other dogs, meet new dogs, practice his dog’s social skills.  And after all that running and chasing and playing, he’d be so exhausted physically and mentally that he will sleep for hours.  And you get to “exercise” your dog without lifting your finger, and get to visit with other dog lovers and swap stories about your baby.  You can read more about the benefits of dog parks here.

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Article source:  Pets Web MD


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