[VIDEO] Bentley The Bulldog Just Loves His Own Voice

video Bulldog Bentley loves to talk

What a cute voice he’s got!   Bentley has a lovable and assertive personality.   It must be fun to live in this household, having a talkative dog like Bentley.   It’s not a bark, it sounds like he is trying to express how he feels.  That’s the best part about having a talkative dog.   And his strong character is a trait of Bulldogs that were once bred to fight bulls, hence the name Bulldogs.

What Bulldogs need

Through careful and selective breeding, this once tough dog has become a docile and loving pet, considered a cherished family member by those who appreciate his affection, warmth, and charm, according to PetMD.  Bulldogs are devoted and patient.   They are eager to please us.  However, he also has an independent mind.   He will keep his own counsel when he decides to do something.

Perhaps Bentley’s talking is an example.  His parent may want him to be quiet, but he has something to say, and he would tell her.  Bulldogs are very patient and affectionate with children, making them wonderful family pets.

Dog Bowl designed to slow down fast eaters
Dog Bowl designed to slow down fast eaters

They are pleasant with most strangers.   And if they don’t care for the stranger, they’d simply be indifferent.  They get along fine with other family pets, although some can be hostile to dogs that are unfamiliar to them.

As for health, make sure they are kept in comfortable temperature.   Their respiratory system does not do well when they are overheat or over-excited.  If you live in a hot climate, please keep them in air-conditioned rooms to keep them comfortable.  Do not leave them outside on a hot day.  Walk them in the cool of the morning or in the evening.  For the same respiratory reason, do not over-exercise them either.  A daily stroll is sufficient for them.  And because of their short legs, it’s best not to let them jump from your bed or sofa to the floor.  Picture all that weight on the joints.   Get a step ladder so they can get down easily without putting stress on their legs.  You can read more about Bulldogs here.

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Article source:  PetMD


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