[VIDEO] This Kitten Jumps Through 2 Barriers To Be With Her Puppy Friend

video kitten climbs wall to be with puppy friend

If THIS isn’t friendship, what is?!!!   These two friends met in a pet store.  They are next door neighbors with a glass between their areas.  A kitten and a puppy.  Through the glass they have become such good friends that the kitten finds a way to be the same room as her puppy friend.

This kitten and puppy became best friends in a pet store

I am so glad that JoLinn Pet House got this beautiful moment on camera.  The kitten manages to get out of her own enclosure through a narrow opening at the top. It has to be narrow because the kitten has to wiggle to get through it.  Once she is out of her enclosure, she is free.  But her goal is not to be free, her goal is to be with her friend.   She reaches for the narrow opening on the top of his enclosure, and squeezes her tiny body through, with a lot of effort, so she can jump into his cage.

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The puppy is so excited that his friend is coming to him that he stands up to greet her.   Looks like he is joyfully kissing her.  He did not think to use himself as a ladder so the kitty could climb down on him.  Yet somehow, she manages to jump into his area.

There are quite a few videos with kittens and puppies as friends.  Some meet each other in shelters, some when their parents are walking them.  It seems they cannot tell that they are from different species.  And even if they recognize they look different, they don’t think anything of it.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if these two go together into some loving home so they can be with each other all the time?  In at least one shelter where a kitten and puppy have a deep bond, the staff found families who would adopt the two together so they can have each other always.  What a wonderful thing to do!  Enjoy this touching video!

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