[VIDEO] Bulldog Dad Meeting And Playing With Daughter


The Bulldog dad in this video is meeting his daughter for the first time, and he starts playing with his daughter in an inviting and humorous way.  To us anyway.  Dad’s name is Chaucer.  His human friends are reacting in the background with delight, saying things like “He is so gentle.”   It’s adorable how he pretends to be frightened when his daughter barks at him.  Or maybe he really WAS frightened by her powerful voice.   A couple of times, it looks as if he is walking away from the playtime, but suddenly pulls himself back in a squat position.  You know that “Let’s play” inviting pose?  I think Chaucer is a natural when it comes to playing with his daughter.   You can tell this is a really precious moment for the humans, with all the camera clicks going on in the background.

Turn up your volume to enjoy this tender video.


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