[VIDEO] Bulldog Puppy Is Fascinated With Baby


The Bulldog puppy in this video is fascinated with the baby.  One baby appreciating another baby.

The puppy can’t stop kissing the baby.  I’ve seen many videos of dogs licking babies on their face and head, and curious if it’s all about affection and love, or are there other possible interpretations.  Of course we would like to look at it as affection.

In an article I read on Family Paws, there are some interesting questions raised about the specifics of this topic.  The details, the context, the patterns can help us understand what our dog is communicating.  Do they want more space?  Are they wanting privacy and is “kissing off” the child?  There’s even a video on the link above that goes into how to interpret body language of the licking.

Enjoy watching this interaction between the Bulldog puppy and the baby.


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