[VIDEO] This Dog Can Slam Dunk


The dog in this video actually knows HOW to slam dunk.  In fact, he does a REALLY good job.

His human taught him to dribble and to do the slam dunk.  He coaches his dog well.  I am impressed by his dog.

I think this is far more fun to this dog than chasing a tennis ball.  He gets to pick up a lot more skills than just running.  He actually uses both paws to dribble.  And I notice how he uses his tail to balance himself (like a kangaroo).  I also see his tail wagging at times.  He really loves this sports.  It’s fun for him.

The way the man passes the ball to the dog is the way he would to a human player.  And the dog catches the ball, then put it through the hoop.   I am astounded by his athletic ability.

Enjoy watching the two of them play together.  Such a fun thing to teach a dog!

Image source:  Examiner


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