Photos of Adorable And Lovely Puppies


This article has many photos of adorable and lovely puppies.  The images are compiled by Kaelin Tully of Buzzfeed.

I especially like these images:  #1– What direct gaze!   #2– Those eyes can do anything and won’t get in trouble.   #3– I think she’ll love running in the snow.   #4– see photo below.   #6– Is THAT a model pose or what!!!    #7– I want to put him in my purse and take him everywhere!  Even where they say no dogs allowed.   #8– She will win the contest for PUPPY EYES.   #12– Eyes of an old soul.   #13– I think he fell asleep while he was in the middle of chasing a ball.   #14–  Imagine having this little head pop up when you look through your chair’s arm rest.   #16 & #17  Awwwwww…..

CLICK here to see the other beautiful puppies.

snow puppy

Article source:  Kaelin Tully of Buzzfeed

Image source:  Imgur via Buzzfeed


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